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  1. Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download
  2. Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download - Swing Machine Golf Pdf
  3. Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download
  4. Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download

If you think that golf instruction books are a waste of money because none of them has ever helped to improve your game, you may be interested to know that . Now that you've seen the quality of the instruction of Swing Machine Golf and how the My library contains only 2 books when it comes to golf instruction, Swing. Swing Machine Golf Book - DIGITAL. Pages; Instant Download; PDF Format Swing Machine Golf - Short Game - DIGITAL. 4 Hours of Instruction.

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Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf

In this book, teaching pro Paul Wilson explains that the secret is to copy the only perfect golf swing on the planet. It doesn't belong to a human. It belongs to Iron. Although I don't hit it as well with Swing Machine Golf I find my misses are more .. I don't plan to post again - this is a thread about your book - but I did want to. It includes a page full color book, 4 hours of full swing videos and 4 hours of short game Below are all of the available Swing Machine Golf products by Paul Wilson. DIGITAL PRODUCTS - INDIVIDUAL. PDF eBook. book. – Pages.

I truly appreciate all the positive feedback I have received over the years. In reading your response I figured I would clear up a things so you can understand how the human golf swing compares to Iron Byron a little better. I have marked your comments in blue with my comments underneath. Before we get to my comments you need to first remember that the Iron Byron was modeled after the downswing of Byron Nelson one of the best golfers of all time. They did not pick it out of thin air. So comparing the Iron Byron to a human golf should be quite easy. If they did not use his swing as the model I most likely would not be using it in my teaching. That being said, my comments are below: Now, having said that, and being a bit more clued up on the golf swing, there are a number of things bothering me about his method and how it relates to the machine. As I said above, Iron Byron was modeled after a real golfer. To understand it myself, I watched Iron Byron swinging. I did not see it as a bunch of nuts and bolts. I saw it as a golfer.

Swing Machine Golf is a handsome page book with more than color photographs. The color photographs show you what swing positions to copy exactly, and black and white photos to show you the common mistakes to avoid. The book contains 10 lesson chapters that quickly and easily teach you how to incorporate the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron at every stage of your swing, from grip and setup right through to the finish position It also includes five special chapters that teach you:.

An Incredible Value! I want everyone in the world to experience the true simplicity of the Iron Byron's 3 key swing elements and the "consistency" they can bring to the golf swing. I realize that not everyone can travel to see me for lessons, and not everyone can afford my lesson fees. Remember, Swing Machine Golf works for all ages and all body types. All you have to do to start hitting the golf ball straighter and farther with much less effort, is to add the 3 elements of Iron Byron to your golf swing.

Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download

It really is as easy as with the instruction in Swing Machine Golf. You'll finally understand the simple "cause and effect" of the golf swing by learning how the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron each control a different aspect of ball flight.

Who plays golf with a purely vertical spine? Yes, if we got to play golf with the ball sitting on a tee at armpit height every time we swung, it'd be easy to turn our shoulders in a circle and finish with a vertical spine. But we play golf on a tilted plane, and our back is angled to the ground throughout the swing. The only "left" we have students swing is the "left" that the club goes after low point.

Until low point, the club is moving down, out, and forward. After low point, the club is still obviously moving forward, but to stay on the plane and on the circle, the club and your hands, etc. For example, I will always swing the club SMG arms as loose as wet spaghetti as that has given me the best results on the course. For e. It is very hard to argue with the theory.

Anyway, one of the reasons we love this game is due to its complexity and its ability to throw up healthy discussions like this one. At the end of the day, it's what works for the player. Pharoah, I'm glad you have improved with Swing Machine Golf. That being said, my comments are below: The machine has 1 axis driveshaft we have 2 which I will now explain: The "Iron Byron" is a machine. I seriously doubt it was based on any one golfer's swing unless that golfer had no legs, no right arm, no torso, etc.

I would assume that the name "Byron" was thought about because of Byron Nelson's repetitive swing characteristics, but more likely it was used because the two words rhyme somewhat.

Does Wilson really think they deconstructed someone's swing to produce a machine that swings in a perfect circle in a perfect plane every time?

This is a testing device, nothing more. The fact that someone like Wilson would try to extrapolate this mechanical movement to humans shows how desperate he is to break into the lucrative world of selling nonsense to the unsuspecting. I do applaud his zeal, but this is right up there with the AJ Bonar's of the marketing world.

I guess they will never stop coming. To anyone who thinks this idea is new, I have news for you, this was a method that was touted in the early 's in the Philadelphia area. It was a teaching method that was begun in a retail golf chain. Exactly the same theory with the "Iron Byron" as the model.

Am I missing something here, or what? There is no doubt it was based on Byron Nelson's swing. Obviously, when building the machine they didn't need to make it look like a human being to be effective. As I said in my review, Paul had to fill in the gaps in order to sell his method to the golfing world. I recommend everyone that reads this to give the loose as wet spaghetti arms a go on the range. I guarantee you'll hit the ball better and further than ever before. Trying to artificially create lag, maintaining the flying wedge etc.

I don't want to belabor a point, but what does it mean that it was "based" on Byron Nelson's swing? Did Byron Nelson swing in a perfect circle and was he on the exact same plane everytime? Of course not, this is a machine not a person.

Even if it did look like a person, it would not swing like one. If I wanted to build a machine to hit golf balls the same every time I would not even look at a human swing because of the inherent inconsistancies.

My point in this blog is to point out the inanities in this type of golf "instruction"nothing more. I am curious, thought, you claim to be a "0. Thanks for the reply, Pharaoh. If you're that good, why not hire a coach, or just practice your short game? No problem. I don't want to get into the details of it being based on Byron Nelson's swing as I suggest you go to Paul's website and download the interview with George Manning, the inventor of Iron Byron.

It is pointless for you to deny this as the inventor explains how he came up with the machine while working at True Temper. Paul then built his swing theory around this perfect machine.

Although his method is not perfect as I've explained above, I think he did a very good job.

Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download - Swing Machine Golf Pdf

There are worse ways to swing the club out there! I am 0 handicap as I am a professional golfer and golf instructor. EVERY swing is perfect, it never misses a shot. This is what attracted me to the method. This is what I am aspiring to. Why would I want to base my swing on Tiger, Jack or Fred when I can base it on something that hits every shot perfectly? It's swing mechanics are perfect. You need to read my review again to understand why I bought the book.

Actually, I just stumbled across this thread, and I am pretty familiar with the PW curriculum.

I think one needs to see the drills and the method of teaching Paul utilizes before commending it or critiquing it. The 'Swing Machine Golf' phrase may indeed be catchy marketing, but IMHO the beauty of Paul's program is his ability to take a pretty conventional golf swing and minimize the complexities of it into a very simple-to-understand concept.

I care less about the inane argument of whether or not a machine's swing can be copied, and whether or not that machine was in fact copied from Byron Nelson than I care about the solidness of the fundamentals being taught and the effectiveness of getting those fundamentals 'across' to the student.

Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download

In that respect, Paul is top-notch. His lessons and drills are simple, concise, and very well explained. Rarely, does one go over 8 minutes. Most are under 5. So inside of ten minutes, you have something concrete to work on. He's simply easier to understand and is vastly more effective at getting those concept s across than most.

It's early in the season here in the North, but I've been able to take these concepts to the driving range a couple times and can see immediate improvement. I was able to get five holes in the other day before dark and was one-over. For me, the typical bogey golfer, that was a very exciting and encouraging result for the first time out of the box. For the first time in almost 40 years of playing this game, I truly feel like I'm swinging from the hips and torso rather than the arms.

It's quite liberating. Ball striking was outstanding, even on the flooded mush slop we're forced to play on here early in the spring. There were two huge fundamentals that I was able to 'get' from Paul that no other teacher has been able to get across to me. The true feeling of starting the downswing with the hips - thus executing a proper weight shift. And tempo. In under ten minutes, that tempo video completely transformed me from hitting with my arms to swinging from the inside-out hips-torso-arms-hands Or as Pharaoh puts it, "loose as wet spaghetti arms.

To each his own, but don't knock the program if you haven't seen it. It's actually pretty fundamentally sound IMHO. I totally agree with you Mark. The moment I start played badly I know exactly what I've started doing, initiating my downswing with my arms.

I immediately start pulling my irons, slicing my woods and losing a lot of distance.

The faster I turn my hips to start my downswing and the looser I keep my arms the better I hit the ball. It really is that simple. Thanks for chipping in with your comments, I was beginning to think I was the only one that downloadd his book and DVDs! I have been playing for only around 3 years but it has been up and down.

Swing Machine Golf Book Pdf Download

I've read tons of books, watched as my son got better and better as I got worse. About a few months ago, I saw Paul Wilson's videos online. What he said made a lot of sense to me. What I like is that he explains things very clearly and when I go to the range, I DO see the problems he mentions all over the place! I slowly tried his ideas but I never got it. I never believed that I was using too much arm and was trying to brute force swing the club.

I tried to relax, to loosen up. I tried to shift my weight; friends tried to help me. Nothing worked. I got worse and even tried some weird swings that I downloadd online.

Some of them made me straighten my legs, try to time my wrists on impact and a ton of other unnatural things. I did know about using the lower body but no one around me could really explain it clearly, much less show it to me. It was frustrating. I knew the jr. To make a long story short, I really decided to do the steps to try Paul's swing and I finally got it.

When I execute it like he says, it is effortless and the ball goes straight. It's hard to believe, but it really does work.

It's not going to fix my short game or my putting, but I'm looking forward to the next round of golf I tell you. Just to follow up. I used the swingmachinegolf method and hit incredible shots.

I just wish some of you could see how crooked I used to hit the ball before trying this method. Left, right, slice etc On good days I might develop a pull or hook that I would work with on the course At least I wasn't slicing. I know this sounds like a commercial, but this swing really works for me. If you just let the lower body start and do the turning and don't let the arms get in the way keep them loose , it is hard to hit crooked shots.

Now the bad habits did creep back in - trying to use the arms too much, but I was aware of it, and once I caught it and adhered to the lower body method, the shots became straight again. The best part is that it is truly effortless when you do it right. What I want to do is test it on someone around here, because right now it seems like a miracle.

I'd like to hear from you in a month and see if the eureka moment stands the test of time. I agree Ernest. I am still working at it.

What is happening now is I really see how bad lots of parts of my golf is by video. I have not gotten much increased clubhead speed, but so far, I am still hitting very, very straight. Bad habits still try to creep in a lot. This swing still seems to be working, but we will see this weekend. It takes a lot of effort to not try and smash at the ball. A LOT of effort! As someone said above, the biggest improvement if you try Paul's swing is proper weight shift.

I hardly hit behind the ball now. It still happens, but much, much less. The ball goes a lot straighter too. We will see how it lasts. At least the swing is not a weird one like some of the others I have tried. Careful with this method as the loose as wet spaghetti arms can quickly turn into a nasty casting move. I've just come out of a slump due to loosening my arms too much and releasing the club too early in the downswing.

I was hitting some of the ugliest pull-hooks and weak fades you'll ever see. I'm finding the videos to be very helpful for myself. Keep in mind that I'm a 13 handicap and have been doing some things very wrong for over 20 years. Just recently have I decided to learn to swing the club properly. Some things that the videos have helped me immensely with are the grip I was far too snug and aligned way off , my takeaway, my alignment, head posititon etc..

I like the way that he breaks down each element. It may not be perfect but it certainly is helpful and I cannot afford a professional instructor. My goal is to get to single digit handicap by the end of the season and I'm well on my way. I love Swing Machine Golf! You're right about the casting, if you combine Swing Machine Golf with just 2 aids, such as the Tour Striker Pro and the Pure Ball Striker, it's quite possible to hit every fairways and greens.

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