Cmat previous year question papers with solutions pdf


    Answered Sep 14, · Author has answers and k answer views. Hi,. CMAT entrance Download free previous years CMAT question papers PDF. in CMAT Download CMAT Previous Year Papers in PDF. CMAT Question Papers With Solution PDF, Get Here. CMAT Exam Sample. Previous Year CMAT Papers: Take free mock test to know your level of preparation in CMAT You will also learn the tips and strategy to crack CMAT

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    Cmat Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions Pdf

    CMAT Previous Year Papers with solutions Pdf Download link is available here. Candidates who are preparing for the exam can download. Hello, I am in need of CMAT previous years question papers. Can anyone of you please CMAT exam question paper - pdf( KB, views). File Type: pdf Please send me the last 5 years CMAT paper with solution. You are here: Home / CMAT Question Paper Answers Previous Year Choice Question Answers), you can download (free) CMAT exam pdf files, and for.

    This test contains 50 questions in two sections. You have One and Half hours to complete the test. In distributing the time over the two sections, please bear in mind that you need to demonstrate your competence in both the sections. Directions for answering the questions are given before each group of questions. Read these directions carefully and answer the questions by darkening the appropriate circles on the Answer Sheet. Each question carries 2 marks. Follow the instructions of the invigilator. What was the final amount received by him? Ajay started a firm with a capital of 28, After 5 months, Boman joined him and invested 40, in the firm. Chirag was also added as a new partner with an individual investment of 56, after 7 months of commencement. The question given below is followed by two statements, I and II. Mark the answer using the following instructions: Mark a if the question can be answered by using statement I alone, but not by using statement II alone. Mark b if the question can be answered by using statement II alone, but not by using statement I alone. Mark c if the question can be answered by using both the statements together, but cannot be answered by using either statement alone.

    Please send me the last 5 years CMAT paper with solutions. Please mail me last 5 year question paper with detailed solution of cmat.

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    Last 5 years question papers with solution of CMAT

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    Download last 5 years solved question papers of CMAT Please send me last 5 years of cmat solved question papers on the following email id: Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage?

    Real education will take place, if the children imbibe action and feeling Real education will take place, if the children are physically strong Real education is not provided in our schools today Real education comes through the interaction with social situations Question 37 The following question contains a passage followed by a question.

    The prevention of accidents makes it necessary not only that safety devices be used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection and that lighting in the plant be adequate.

    Industrial accidents are always avoidable Industrial accidents may be due to ignorance Industrial accidents cannot be entirely overcome Industrial accidents can be eliminated with the help of safety rules Question 38 The following question contains a passage followed by a question.

    CMAT Previous Year Question Papers PDF Download Model Papers

    Amar Steels, an existing profit-making company enters the capital market with a public issue of 80 lakh shares of each on 31st December. The company is engaged in ship breaking at ports in Vishakhapatnam and chinnai. It operates a steel-rolling mill in Vishakhapatnam which utilizes the scrap from ships.

    The company is expanding its ship breaking capacity. Its entitlement to break foreign ships has just been extended to cover Indian flagships. Which of the following statements A, B and C can be inferred from the passage? Amar Steels had so far not entered the capital market because of its profit-making status.


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